Not The Golden Key


Got an attractive reminder when I listened to the sermon in my brother’s wedding…

What we need is not a golden key, but a suitable key for the lock.

Well, of course the context in this sermon was for a couple. But as usual, Holy Spirit talks in many ways personally to us.

For me, it talks a lot about my dream that I fight desperately now. What is the golden key in my imagination, and how it will suit perfectly with my reality. After I was graduated, I have been thinking a lot about this, though the answer has not yet found. Our people’s mindset strongly pressure us to get a job and money. Well, of course, I do understand. I also think to be financially freed before 30th. But the problem lies on the type of job. As a dreamer, of course I want to do a job that I will be happily to do for the rest of my life, that not everyone is lucky enough to get that.

I am just wondering a bit if this is the “golden key” that I am chasing now, not “the suitable one” that will perfectly match with everything.

It is somehow has the similar case with God’s word.

When I did the mentoring in the past, it came to me in a glance that would we be just like a robot if we just did what God’s says perfectly? Then, how about enjoying what we like, what we want? Should we do God’s word blindly, absolutely even by force? Somehow, to enjoy what I want to do was a part of my motto, and made a bit of important space in the aspect of my life at that time. So maybe that’s why this thinking came to me.

The answer that I have got then was beyond my expectation, seriously, although it is simple.

From the God that I had known so far, He also gave me a freedom to choose what I want. What? Really?

However, when we were close to God, our desire, our enjoyment, our happiness or whatever you called it, will be allied, unified, in other words it will be the same.

So, there is nothing like violence or force against our will. Everything will lay perfectly in a place without a bit of “something’s wrong”.

Recently I like to listen Hillsong Young and Free from youtube, and there is one sentence that attracts me from “Energy”.

When You speaks, dreams and reality collide…

Maybe it is just like another level of that.

It is about vision. Not only God’s vision. But also my vision. Our vision. Our collaboration.

Although it maybe sound not really well-mannered, but I feel God also respects our opinion. Well, He is God, He knows everything perfectly, He is the mighty God! Who cares about merely imperfect human like me?

Recently I read about Moses in the bible and sorry to be weird, but I envied when Moses talked to God and how God consider his opinion importantly, just like a business-partner.

And fortunately, that’s how it works. God also consider us, He want to hear us. Because what He wants is a relation, not merely boss and his employee, but partner.

Although I don’t know what will happen in my journey ahead… Well, God obviously has already know what’s ahead, but this talk with God will still be the vital one. Because this back-forth communication that will shape our heart. That’s why process is far more worth for God that the result.

The “suitable key”. Maybe it is not gorgeous for people to look, but it is the one that will open the “door”.